Hey Beginners: You CAN Knit These Booties. Really.


Another one of my classes just launched on creativebug.com. I’m so, so excited about this one. Beginners always want to knit baby booties, but often won’t try because of the intimidating shaping. I developed these booties with beginners in mind. The shaping is so minimal, and the result is adorable. Honestly, one of my favorite projects.  Give them a try and let me know what you think.

Great Harvest Bread Label Job



Fortunately for all of us who live in Vermont, Sara and Ethan at Great Harvest are gearing up to sell their bread wholesale. Sara designs her own labels for the in-house breads, but she wanted a little help with the labels that will go on the breads in stores. She asked me to stay true to their current brand, while at the same time create a label that would make their breads “pop” on the shelves. The labeling needed to work from both the top and the heel-side of the bread, since different grocery stores will stack the bread differently. They will be selling 10 flavors — which means I had to come up with 10 colors, cuing off their branded purple. Here’s my work so far. the label will wrap around the bread at the great harvest logo, so the purple-backed portion will sit on the heel.

Sara and Ethan canned the cobalt blue, which I think was a nice call. Didn’t really fit in the group, I think.




SoYo Food Truck Alley Chalkboard Sign

Ready for Friday Night Food Truck Alley

The finished sign, ready for someone to chalk in the flavors.

Every Friday night during the summer in Burlington, ArtsRiot hosts a Food Truck Alley on Pine Street. My client, Hans at SoYo Frozen Yogurt, decided to pop up a booth this year. He has quite a slick brand and he was looking for a sign that mapped closer to the urban/outdoorsy feel of the event. We settled on a bistro style chalkboard sign.

Great idea, right? It was — and still is — but I had some challenges. I love the handdrawn look of the sign, but  it was tough to get Hans’ branded colors just right using the bistro chalk markers. I had to do lots of blending, particularly for the magenta-ish red of the SO. Also, turns out bistro chalk markers don’t really work when writing on top of a layer of chalk, and that was the method I used. If I had to do it again, I would have PAINTED the upper portion of the background with white chalkboard paint. Would have made the project 100 times easier. Instead, I chalked in the background using a combo of bistro chalk marker and white pastel chalk.


The BIGGEST problem revealed itself at the event: turns out chalk runs when it rains, especially when it’s only sealed with hair spray. I had to re-do the sign and this time I sealed it with polyurethane.

A Creative Mother’s Day for My Two Creative Moms

After I'd done the lettering I realized "picked" would be a better verb because of the play on words with the pear.

After I’d done the lettering I realized “picked” would be a better verb because of the play on words with the pear.

I hit the MOM jackpot. It is one of the things I like best about my life. Not only do I have my mom, Joan, who has always been my mentor and best friend, but I also have my mother-in-law, Elaine, whose unrelenting support has been a steadying rock for me during the past 22 years. They are both artists and extraordinarily creative, and they are both my biggest cheerleaders when it comes to anything artsy that I’m up to. So this Mother’s Day, after I was done with a delicious breakfast in bed (thank you Steve and kids!) I set to work making them both hand painted cards. Of course neither of the cards are done and they won’t be getting them ’til June, but they are my moms. They know timeliness is not my strong suit. Here’s where the projects are so far.

My first pass at my mom's card. Don't like the colors, so I'll keep messing with it til I get it how I like it.

My first pass at my mom’s card. Don’t like the colors, so I’ll keep messing with it til I get it how I like it.

Learn How to Make a Baby Blanket … My Latest Class on CreativeBug is Up!



Click the image to go to the class.

SoYo Photo Shoot with Kirstin LaMonde

Probably my favorite of the group.

Probably my favorite of the group.

This week I had the privilege of working with photographer Kirstin LaMonde, who was shooting beauty shots for one of my clients, SoYo, a lovely locally owned frozen yogurt shop in Burlington. I sometimes take quick product shots for clients (and, in fact, have taken one or two for SoYo), who don’t have the budget for a photographer. This morning, I was reminded by Kirstin’s ridiculous skill and control of her medium how silly it is that I even try.  Professional photography pays off every time. Just look at these shots. Beautiful, and just what I need to create for ads and collateral for the shop.


Maggie Pace designs I want to carve.


Maggie Pace:

Thanks, Lisa, for posting my designs!

Originally posted on Lisa Lillibridge:

Maggie Pace design seedyflowers_2 Maggie Pace design Maggie Pace design corn sunflower_2

Maggie creates these cool designs in illustrator. I want to turn them into cool designs carved into wood. I am really into the process of my work—composition, color, carving and experimenting with finishes. I think the design part is becoming less interesting to me. I would like to interpret other peoples designs and turn them into something totally different.

Have a fabulous creative weekend, wherever your projects take you. Here’s a great story about the brain and creativity from Fast Company.


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